Special Issue “Concentrated Solar Power in industrial technologies, metallurgy and materials science”

Special Issue Editor


Jaroslav Kovacik ,

* Correspondence: ummsjk@savba.sk

Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovakia

Interests: Solar Powder Metallurgy: Concentrated solar power used for for preparation of Ti and Ti composites, solar shock treatment of steel with deposited TiB2 layer, nitridation of Ti using solar furnace.  Metal matrix composites, focused on physical and mechanical properties, copper – graphite/CNTS/grahene materials. Ti powder metallurgy, Ti composites. Metallic foams,powder metallurgy route, measurement and modelling of mechanical and physical properties. Electro spark deposition of coating layers such as TiB2, WC-Co, etc., on Ti, Ti alloys, Al, Al alloys, steels. 

Special Issue Information

Aim and Scope: Renewable solar energy is one of the possible ways to decrease our impact on climate changes. Recent works worldwide starts to be focusing on applicability of Concentrated Solar Power in all aspects of our activities. A lot of work is done to use Concentrated Solar Power in industrial technologies instead of electrical energy during technological processes for example in desalination, plastic waste treatment, chemical and biological cleaning.  Moreover, as indicate already published results of SFERA and SFERA 2 EU funded projects, Concentrated Solar Power can be also used directly in ore preheating, refinement and metallurgy of materials. In addition the solar energy can be used in materials science for sintering, reaction synthesis, heat treatment, surface treatment, composite preparation, welding, etc..

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Subtopics: Concentrated solar power; Materials preparation; Industrial technologies; Renewable energy; Climate changes.

Keywords: concentrated solar power; materials science; renewable energy; industrial technologies; metallurgy.

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 30 November 2020

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